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About Second Go Electro

Second Go Electro is the store where you can find many types of electrical appliances and parts in one place. We give electronics a second life, by testing and offering electronics that were previously labeled as discarded and also parts of discarded electronics that are still usable and suitable for repair and/or refurbishing of defective electronics. We have a variable selection of items: From very specific PC components to generic monitor stands, Second Go Electro has it all.


Our company and webshop was founded in 2022 and we were inspired by the amount of electronics that can still be reused in different ways. In today’s times, it is important to participate in a more circular economy. In this way, we are doing our part by making reuse one of those pillars. By setting up this shop we make that possible, a good thing for the customer and for us.

Knowledge and Experience

We, the founders of Second Go Electro, have years of experience in correctly identifying, handling, and testing electronic equipment and its components. We know exactly how these products work, which ones are high quality, and offer them at a fair price. Behind the webshop there is a team of recycling experts, and as a customer you can always reach us for tips and questions regarding our offered products.

Variable and growing supply

Second Go Electro has the advantage that basically all types of electronics can be offered: Are you missing a certain cable for your TV? We have it. Is your laptop memory in need of an upgrade? No problem, plenty of choice. We have only just begun to build our catalog, so Second Go Electro will grow each month in terms of offerings. As a customer, you can always contact us if you are missing a particular product or version of it. Then we can add the product, or if we don’t have it, pay attention and offer it for sale when we do come across it in the future.


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